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PatentOffice.io: The proven, all-in-one IP protection solution

We help startups reduce the costs of doing business, increase company valuation, and protect their technology using the IP legal system. Here's how it works:

Describe the problem you are solving and a summary of your solution

Upload images of your invention and provide a part list for each image/drawing

Apply our AI tech to elaborate on your description of the drawings and how it works

Review diagnostics of your text and revise if needed and collaborate with PatentOffice lawyers to finalize your patent application

An amazing family of IP tools for every stage of your IP lifecycle

We apply the best-in-class legalteach to help turn your inventions into IP assets, from ideation to patent pending
to issued patents. Our powerful tools help your invention na vigate the US Patent Office:

IP Capture

The do-it-all IP solution to help you get high quality patents with high impact claims. AI Description Assistance Detailed Diagnosis of Application Art unit Prediction to Improve Patent Success Collaboration with patent professionals to get the best coverage for your invention

RealTime Status

You have direct information on the status of your application using out tech that seamlessly allow you to see where the application is at the USPTO through private PAIR

Examiner Statistics

Like Money Ball, our examiner tool predicts your assigned examiner's future action. Based on this knowledge, our patent professionals can tailor our strategy to get you the best option.

PRESS RELEASE: Announcing the Launch of the Website for the Patent Law Office, P.C.

The Patent Law Office announces the launch of its new client service portal in support of high-quality touchless provisioning of legal services to clients in a secure manner. With ingenious use of A.I. technology to assist clients and staff, the firm is able to operate efficiently and responsively to client needs. The result is not only cost-savings to patent clients, but also quality and speed advantages so important in the First-To-File era.

3 Top Ways To Protect Your Intellectual Property

Intellectual property refers to creations or ideas that have economic value. Intellectual property protection ensures that no one else can steal your idea or make financial gains from it without your permission. The Patent Law Office is one of the most highly recognized IP law firms Santa Clara. We are the leading experts when it comes to IP technology solutions Cupertino. Here are three top ways in which our IP attorney Santa Clara can help you to protect your intellectual property:

1. Copyright protection

This is tailored for artistic and written content such as music, drawings, computer code and literary works. The duration of a copyright is the entire lifetime of the creator and an additional 70 years. While the law dictates that a work is already copyrighted from the moment it is created, some extra measures of protection include adding a copyright notice on the work and also officially registering the copyright. If you are an artist or creative who has noticed that an individual or company is violating your copyright, then you should get litigation services California right away.

2. Trademarks

This is a form of intellectual property protection which seeks to protect a company’s name and unique identity. When a certain company has a trademark, this means that no other business is allowed to use their tradenames lest they face litigation. If you are an upcoming entrepreneur looking for how to file cheaply for a trademark, then The Patent Law Office is the perfect place to visit. We have an amazing team of experienced lawyers who will assist you to get a trademark within a short time.

3. Patents

This type of intellectual property protection is meant for new inventions. An inventor can apply for either a utility patent or a design patent depending on the nature of their invention. Since patents are usually issued on a first-come-first-served basis, it is extremely important for inventors to apply for a provisional patent as soon as possible so that their creation can be considered “patent pending”. This way, no one else can attempt to steal or monetize their idea as they await full approval of the patent.

About PatentOffice.io

The old model is broken. We are building a future where innovators can work together and with us to get the holistic IP automation tools, data, and legal advice they need to make a big difference in cost and quality from the very beginning.

We are a patent firm driven by and for innovations
What if you have resourceful lawyers who help you navigate the future? Our goal is to enable you with our best thinking, latest technologies, and well-oiled operational efficiencies.

Work with patent lawyers who understand technology, patent law, and your inventions
Our system allows us to provide a deeper relationship with technologists like you, unlike other advisors who are focused solely on patent prosecution.

The Patent Law Office web portal supports the following

Collaborative Preparation and Filing of U.S. Utility Patent Applications
Collaborative Preparation and Filing of U.S. Provisional Patent Applications
Collaborative Preparation and Filing of PCT Patent Applications
Collaborative Preparation and Filing of US Design Patent Applications
Converting and Filing US Provisional Patent Applications
Collaborative Preparation and Filing of National Phase Patent Applications

Our attorneys utilize the most advanced patent analytics to provide superior patent prosecution services. Unlike others, our portal is built from scratch with our patented technology as well as proprietary technology and know-how.

Our patent prosecution practice includes the following

Conducting in-person Interviews and Filing Responses/Amendments to USPTO Office Actions
Preparing and Filing Continuation, Divisional, Continuation-in-Part, and Reissue Applications
Preparing and Filing Information Disclosure Statement
Preparing and Filing RCEs
Preparing and Filing Responses to Restriction Requirements
Preparing and Filing Appeal Brief and Reply Brief

Sample Clients

Our clients love our software. Here are some of their comments.

John Huynh

Founder, CTO of tech startups
John was a client of Bao's in 2019

“I worked with Mr. Tran on a number of trademarks and patent filings for our startups. He was easy to work with and he had expertise in many domains. Mr Tran had special offers for startups and entrepreneurs. It is never too late to protect your IP”

John Spiridigliozzi

VP, Device Development at SynAgile
John worked with Bao in 2011


Bao is a creative patent attorney with technical expertise in the area of system engineering and software as pertains to medical device and communications applications. We worked together very early on in the development of Sonitus Medical where he was crucial to the development of our patent portfolio.

Ming Yang

Co-founder & VP at Software at Horizon Robotics
Ming was a client of Bao's in 2013

“Bao helped us file quite a few patent applications since I worked as a researcher in NEC Labs America. He is very knowledgeable and always delivered high-quality IP applications on time, even though we often presented him some very rough write-ups at the last minute. Bao, thank you!”

Mike Grossman

CEO at Inflection, Inc
Mike was a client of Bao's in 2016

"Bao is a top-notch IP attorney. He is responsive, precise, works fast, and is highly knowledgeable. I recommend him highly. "

Steve Schneider

CEO at Homes 4 the Homeless
Steve was a client of Bao's in 2015

“I have known Bao for many years. He is an innovator in the business and legal world. His ability to create value for his clients is one of his best assets. I look forward to part of his successful future.”

Mari Sawtelle Dunn

Founder of Mari's List, Sawtelle Dunn Consulting
Mari and Bao worked in the same group in 2013

“I worked with Bao during the first days at Align Technology as he was very involved in writing the Invisalign patents. Bao is in the top of his field which is why he has been so successful, and brought much success to every company he has been involved with. I would highly recommend Bao to anyone seeking a patent attorney."

Loc X. Phan

Director of R&D at OrthoFX
Bao worked with Loc in 2011

“It was excellent to work with an IP attorney that not only quickly grasp any novel ideas, but also in many ways contributed to them. Bao is a pleasure work with, is very efficient and is a good friend & colleague. "

Zvi Or-Bach

President & CEO of MonolithIC 3D Inc.
Zvi was a client of Bao in 2011

“So far we have filled 19 application with Bao We consider Bao as a highly professional patent lawyer and very effective with short turn around We are planing to keep on our work with Bao "

John Jonghoon Kang

Vice President of Sales & Marketing at MIBA Medical, Inc.
Kang was a client of Bao in 2011

“Bao is an excellent patent attorney. He is quick, and yet very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him. "

Akram Benmbarek

Tech Leader | VP at AEye | Lidar, Mobility, Autonomy, IoT, Analytics
Akram was a client of Bao in 2011

"Bao is one of the most brilliant people I had the chance to know and work with; and as an IP attorney he's very effective and does everything to help and get you a great outcome. I would recommend Bao to anybody. "

Mark Waring

Strategic Account Manager at Hirose Electric USA
Mark was a client of Bao in 2011

"Found Bao and his interest in understanding my individual patent filing needs at a very competitive price for what in retrospect was a pretty complicated set of claims was handled professionally and extremely quickly!"

Ben Dubin

Managing Partner - Venture Capital
Ben was a client of Bao in 2007

"Bao is an excellent patent attorney. I think his level of work is better that that of the big name law firms and his success rate of getting filed patents through easily surpasses the big firms. I will hire him again "

Samples of Our Works

We work with many inventors and entrepreneurs to protect their IP properties

Patent# 6488499B1

Methods for correcting deviations in preplanned tooth rearrangements

Patent# 8932537 B2

Portable Tester for Detection Dxplosives, Drugs and Chemicals Based on Created Color Bar Codes for Analytes

Patent# 9152686 B2

Asynchronous Replication Correctness Validation

Patent# 9134061 B2

Flow Control Of A Cygoenic Element To Remove Heat

Patent #8525884 B2

Systems and Methods for Metering Audio and Video Delay

Patent# 8478185 B2

Systems and Methods for Improving Media File Access Over An Educational Testing Network

Patent# 8450115 B2

Method of Analyzing a Disposable Test Swipe

Patent# 8851063 B1

Food suspension system for barbeque/smoker

Patent# 8825000B2

Systems and methods for safely operating a mobile communication device

Patent# 8588135 B2

Integrated sensor networks with optical and wireless links

Patent# 8588135 B2

Integrated sensor networks with optical and wireless links

Patent# 6488499 B1

Methods for correcting deviations in preplanned tooth rearrangements


We work with a number of technology companies and organizations to help your innovations.

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