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The Ideal Guide on Learning The Basics of Intellectual Property

Expert Guide, Intellectual Property 2021. By Bao Tran - Corporate LiveWire

TWhen starting your new business, you might have heard professional business owners or large cooperation CEOs mentioning how utilizing intellectual property (IP) has been a huge lifesaver when it comes to protecting their business inventions.

As a new business owner who has just joined the field, it can be quite puzzling for you to figure out exactly what and how intellectual property can benefit your company long term. Hence, the reason why many new owners fail to implement IP solutions in their business matters and become victimized by major issues that have permanently wrecked their company. That is why you must be vigilante on figuring out ways to keep your business safe- and to assist you in that matter, we will be going into depth and discussing the various aspects that define various types of intellectual property and their role in safeguarding your business.

What is Intellectual Property?

Think of the intellectual property as a variety of concepts, ideas, creative inventions, or even the strategically devised arrangements that have been created or authored by a specific individual or institution.

Types of Intellectual Property

There are currently three main IP types that every startup should keep in mind- Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks.


A patent works to ensure that your idea is protected. Meaning they are the rights that are granted to a creator in the place of public disclosure of the said invention that is concerned. When you have filled the criteria required to attain a patent, it ensures that your inventions are kept safe from others who want to sell, manufacture or profit through the use of your creation for a certain time period following your patent attainment. This way, people are encouraged to create new inventions without having to worry about people stealing them.


Copyrights are another form of intellectual property that aids in protecting the diverse expression of ideas. Some of the few examples that can be protected by copyright include art, music, photographs, books, computer software, manuscripts, and even architecture. However, you must keep in mind that copyrights only protect the idea's expression and not the concept or idea itself. Suppose you were to take a picture of a flower. A copyright will be able to protect the photograph of the flower, but others can still take their own photographs of that very same flower.


Trademarks can help promote a unique business identity- thus, it exists in a variety of forms. Through the United States Patent and Trademark Office, people are able to register their trademarks and also ensure that their choice of a trademark isn't taken by others or if yours is similar to another already registered trademark.

Where Can I Get Intellectual Properties?

Since intellectual properties are such an important asset in your business matters, it is crucial to find the best establishment on the market to assist you in your IP needs. A prime example can be Patent Law Office- a full-service Intellectual Property Law Firm that deals with all matters regarding IP, including patents, trade secrets, copyright cases, and trademarks, specifically specializing in obtaining trademarks and patents for its clients. Moreover, the team working behind Patent Law Office are highly qualified individuals who have kept themselves knowledgeable on every IP aspect and are also diligent in practicing new updates on IP upgrades according to AI advancements. They understand the need of implementing startups with IP tactics and have hence, created a number of ways to help these new businesses prosper without having to compromise on the safety of their service or products.

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