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The Ideal Guide on Learning The Basics of Intellectual Property

Expert Guide, Intellectual Property 2021. By Bao Tran - Corporate Blog

When starting your new business, you might have heard professional business owners or large cooperation CEOs mentioning how utilizing intellectual property (IP) has been a huge lifesaver when it comes to protecting their business inventions.

As a new business owner who has just joined the field, it can be quite puzzling for you to figure out exactly what and how intellectual property can benefit your company long term. Hence, the reason why many new owners fail to implement IP solutions in their business matters and become victimized by major issues that have permanently wrecked their company....

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AI And The Future Of Law Practice

Expert Guide, Intellectual Property 2021. By Bao Tran - Corporate LiveWire

The local services account for about $1 trillion globallly, according to Rob Toes in his Forbes article "AI Will Transform The Field Of Law." However, the industry is notoriously slow to innovate. From the paper chase days where law students and junior associates would spend hours reading case law volumes in the library to locate winning precedents, the industry has since progressed to online searches from legal database firms.

Meanwhile, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has stormed the world and compelled many industrial digital transformations. While AI has not affected the legal industry as much as the automotive industry, progress can be found in specific applications auch as contract reviews where AI and natural language processing (NLP) technology analyse documents to highlight potentially problematic contractual terms....

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PatentOffice.io Donates Patent Services for Innovative Inventions to Stop Covid-19


To encourage innovative solutions against COVID-19, PatentOffice.io announces grants on patent application preparation fees in support of up to ten top ideas that address shortages in medical supplies, diagnostics, telemedicine, and treatments.

As the world scrambles to handle the huge wave of COVID-19 infections, urgent needs arise for medical supplies, diagnostics, and treatments. Shortages of such supplies are plaguing hospitals and care-givers, putting the lives of patients and medical professionals at risk..

PatentOffice.io supports the fight against COVID-19 and encourages every-day citizens to apply their ingenuity to this global pressing problem. To support innovative solutions in this trying time, until May 5, 2020, we will provide grants covering patent preparation professional fees for up to ten best ideas that solve shortages in medical supplies, diagnostics, telemedicine, and treatments. We also recommend that inventors download and use free provisional patent application filing software at Inventiv.org, a 501c3 non-profit, which can supplement inventor help resources and other publications at the USPTO. Inventors can also view "how-to" videos at our Youtube Channel that answer basic questions such as how to patent an idea, how to patent a product, how much does a patent cost, what is a patent, how to patent, and how to search patents, among others.

The COVID grant continues the PatentOffice.io tradition of giving back, as we have also donated our resources to non-profits and other volunteer organizations.

For more information on the grants, please contact us at patentoffice.io

Enjoy Stress-Free Application and Defense of Your Software Patents

Section 101 of the Alice and Mayo test has made it difficult for software developers to get patent rights. The Supreme Court’s decision in 2014 enforced this test to determine the eligibility of software patents. To lower the chances of failing this test, developers need a reliable patent attorney in Santa Clara. We are well-versed with this test. For years, we have made our clients’ software have inventive concepts. That earned them patent rights under this law. Alice and Mayo test not only haunts developers when seeking patent rights. Infringers use it as a defense during litigation or against the patent’s enforcement.


Since we understand the pressure of protecting software patents, our clients will enjoy professional legal support every step of the way. We are prompt in protecting the eligibility of their rights and fighting any infringer. Our commitment earned us a reputation as a reliable software patent lawyer Santa Clara locals love. To best protect software patents, we advise developers to seek professional legal services during the application process.

That is important because inventors can freely describe their claimed inventions. However, the problem is ensuring the patent application passes the scrutiny of the Alice/Mayo test. As long as clients give us the right info about their inventions, we will ensure they pass that test. We have the knowledge and expertise to do so.

Our assistance is of great value considering in 2020, 81% (22 0f 27) of software patents seeking eligibility were invalid. In every case, the judges made their decision based on the patent specification.

With our professional trademark filing Santa Clara developers love, you will not face the frustrations of failure. We are time conscious when handling software patent applications. Thus, our legal experts manage every step of the process with caution to avoid setbacks.

Exploit The Distribution Labor Offered Via Patent Rights To Build The Economy

We stand in support of protected innovations by small businesses because they will boost the economy. Through inventions, entrepreneurs and researchers find solutions to the ongoing problems, which will provide more job opportunities and increase the number of taxpayers.

However, all this will be a mirage without the IP law firms, Santa Clara. That is because established corporations will always contest rights to intellectual property. For years, large corporations have strived to reduce the protection of IP. If not for patent reformists like us, they would have had their way.

We provide legal services for patent registration, licensing, and protection. Our mission is to promote innovation by start-up businesses, which excel in research and product development. That is important because most of these businesses lack production and distribution lines.

To own them, they will need more financial and human resources. A competent IP attorney Santa Clara locals would like can enable start-ups to access these vast resources through partnerships. With our assistance in patent registration and protection, a start-up’s exceptional innovation or idea will attract investors and distributors. Our patent protection lacks loop-holes.

The partnerships we facilitate will create opportunities not only for the inventor but other people as well. With the partnership of distributors, many people will have the privilege of selling the product or service to the target market.

Thus, through one idea or innovation and our commitment to patent protection, millions of people worldwide will benefit. That is why we are rated among the best trademark law firm Santa Clara entrepreneurs trust. As always, our focus remains on protecting the interests of our clients.

We ensure in every partnership, they have an upper hand. Apart from that, our commitment together with other reformists for patent rights has encouraged more distribution of labor between small-scale and large-scale businesses. That has spearheaded the execution and use of numerous innovations, which would have died prematurely due to lack of resources.

Get an Accurate Assessment of your Intellectual Property

To fully protect intellectual property, developers must carry out an effective assessment. Luckily, business owners can rely on the IP awareness assessment tool to do this task. We are a Santa Clara company experienced in IP assessment and valuation.

So far, we have relied on this tool. The Trademark Office and the United States Patent has recommended it for this work. With this tool, we can know if our clients understand their assets in detail. Our patent filing service Santa Clara locals need protects unique intellectual property. However, we are guided by the info provided by our clients.

The IP Awareness Assessment tool is user-friendly, and within a short time, we can get the information we need. The tool has multiple-choice questionnaires with several categories in each segment. As the patent lawyer in Santa Clara, we will walk our clients through the pre-assessment segment.

In this section, our clients will answer five questions about various types of IP. That will assist us in identifying the category of their invention. The full assessment has over 10 categories and 60 questions. When both assessments are complete, we will know our client’s awareness of his/her IP.

The first question in every category will reveal if our client needs additional training and information about it. In case the client is uninformed, we take responsibility to train them further. Our objective is to ensure the client’s innovation finds its right category.

That will enable us to carry out a secure patent application Santa Clara innovators need. Apart from that, the patent assessment helps us to determine the value of intellectual property. A wrong assessment can cause clients to undervalue the IP. During negotiations with investors, they will get the worst deal. We avoid such scenarios by making sure the assessment and valuation are accurate.

Get Maximum Protection for your Issued Patent Portfolio

We thrive in creating the perfect patent portfolio with the capability of establishing our clients as innovators in any field. Through our assistance, they will have the freedom to operate in their respective fields too. As the originator of an exceptional idea, our clients might have to protect their patents from an alleged infringer. When such a case arises, we will deliver quality litigation services California inventors would need. The validity of a patent might not stand in court if the lawyers fail in securing it against infringement.

According to the law, issued patents are valid. Despite its validity, owners cannot be sure their patent’s validity will survive litigation. Exceptional attorneys can challenge the validity of a patent based on references considered by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Such references can be given by the owner voluntarily during application for IP technology solutions Cupertino examiners receive for consideration. The examiner while doing his/her research can find the references. When an infringer is armed with such references, it is easy to lose some rights to the patent.

Due to such cases, we encourage start-ups and inventors to seek legal advice and direction on how to file cheaply and accurately. Such loopholes in protecting patents are caused by ignorance. We provide the knowledge regarding patent filing and protection to exterminate the ignorance haunting many small businesses and inventors. We take our work seriously to fortify the patents through thorough research on our client’s innovation as we compare it with other similar technologies. Before filing, we check every available reference that might affect the patent. If detected we will look for a legal way to avoid its effect.

We are also prepared for any litigation in case our client’s patent rights are challenged or infringed.

Get an Accurate Assessment and Valuation of Your IP

The first step to protecting an IP asset begins with awareness. As legal professionals, we are limited in our knowledge and understanding of our client’s idea or invention. The reliable IP law firms Santa Clara will not take a risk by assuming they understand it. Only the inventors know their inventions. They can provide detailed info about it. Luckily, we have a method of knowing if the clients understand their IP assets.

We rely on the IP awareness assessment tool to understand and classify the customers’ inventions. This tool is recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST/MEPP) and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The software is very accurate and reliable. It comprises multiple choice questionnaires that assess overall IP awareness, maintenance and usage. The assessment precedes registered trademark search San Jose natives would need.

We carry out an accurate assessment because it will determine the quality of IP protection. The info gathered is used for safeguarding the intellectual property. Our experts will invest in an in-depth research on other similar intellectual properties. That will provide them with knowledge to create a suitable mechanism to protect our client’s IP. They will also devise a way to maintain the patent’s portfolio.

After completing the assessment, we will value the IP asset. While providing trademark licensing in Santa Clara, we ensure the clients profit maximally from their inventions. That is vital because every intellectual property can build a profitable enterprise. Since it will attract potential investors, we ensure the valuation process is accurate. Thus, during negotiations, the clients can name a suitable figure and get paid. With our assistance, inventors will never get less than what they deserve for the IP asset in every negotiation. We thrive on getting the best deal for innovators. For more information, contact us today.

Get Professional Guidance In Commercializing Your Patent Ideas

When patent protection is weak, the innovators will lose their IP assets. The established businesses will exploit any good idea or invention to reinforce their dominance in the market. They have the resources needed to execute any idea. Unfortunately, many inventor-entrepreneurs are never recognized because they cannot commercialize their inventions. Our goal is to help them to profit from their efforts via IP protection service. We provide the best IP attorney Santa Clara. Our legal professionals guide inventors in securing their IP assets correctly.

We focus on researching and studying this subject to guarantee the best protection. That will make it easier for inventors to enter the market because they cannot compete fairly with established entrepreneurs and businesses. We have extensive knowledge and experience in patent protection and trademark filing Santa Clara natives would need. While protecting the clients, we ensure they have an easy path towards success. We know some multinationals and established firms would desire their IP assets. We are skilled in exploiting such opportunities to profit the innovator.

Established corporations have vast resources, a ready market and global reach. They can agree to any business deal as long as the invention is worth it. We will always provide the best trademark attorney near me to assist inventors in negotiation with prospective investors. The professional will give our clients an upper hand during negotiations. Thus, the invention will not be undervalued. We always make sure clients are satisfied with the deal before signing.

Our passion and commitment in IP asset protection have helped many inventors to start businesses effort Lesley with the support of wealthy partners and investors. We strive to ensure more enterprises are birthed, innovations are known, and more inventors are rewarded for their creativity and efforts.

Get in touch with us for more information.

Start A Profitable Business With Quality Patent Protection

Many people are waiting for capital to start their desired businesses. This strategy never works because some will never receive the desired amount of money. Hence, their proposed enterprise will not see the light of day. Apparently, businesses are money-generating ideas. With an idea or innovation, an entrepreneur can build a global brand. However, most inventor-entrepreneurs never enjoy the proceeds of their creativity. That is because they do not know what trademark application San Jose entails and how to get the process started. That makes it easier for established companies to exploit those innovations.

Our mission is preventing theft of ideas by offering patent protection services. We give hope to startups and financially challenged entrepreneurs to start profitable enterprises. For years, we have seen poor inventors with great ideas and innovations get access to vast resources to build a respectable brand. Despite the client’s current financial situation, we guide them on how to file cheaply for patents. Hence, they have no excuse not to seek professional assistance. Apart from that, our experts will carry out intensive research to ensure there is no loophole in the patent protection. That will only leave the potential investors with three options. They can seek a partnership, get a license or buy the innovation or idea.

An innovation that attracts multi-national dollar companies must be very valuable. While guiding our clients through the trademark application San Jose process, we encourage our clients never to think of selling. Partnering with the investor is the best strategy. That will allow them to build a business effortlessly and benefit from it for many years. The enterprise will have the support of highly experienced entrepreneurs now turned investors. They will use their knowledge, contacts and connections to ensure it thrives. Within a very short time, the business will become a global brand.

This is possible via quality IP protection. Contact us today.

Use Intellectual Property Rights To Innovate Division Of Labor

By providing IP protection services, we are not only helping the innovators. The whole economy will benefit because intellectual property provides division of labor. Many inventors are competent in research and product development only. They lack the business acumen which is vital in commercializing their IP assets. Hence, many exceptional ideas have never reached the market. That has deprived the world of solutions to problems and employment opportunities. By providing quality Trademark application Cupertino startups need, we are preventing these losses.

When the IP assets are well protected, inventors will be able to access valuable partnerships easily. The interested prospective partners have vast resources and distribution channels. To commercialize IP assets, they will invest in its production and distribution. The trademark registration California residents need will give innovators an upper hand. We ensure inventors will benefit more by getting more profits.

However, all the investments will be useless without human resources. The business will need people to operate and to distribute its goods or services. Through one idea and professional legal guidance from the best trademark law firm Santa Clara residents love, the IP will create opportunities for many people. It will give them a steady income for their services. When the enterprise grows, it will employ many more people. That will reduce unemployment rate in the region.

We are thrilled to be part of numerous success stories which have an impact on many lives. Through the success of one inventor, millions of people benefit. We are committed to providing the best IP protection because many lives depend on it. The stability of our economy relies on it too. That explains why we abhor failure in our work. Inventors and entrepreneurs can never be disappointed with our services. We take pride and joy in their success. Get in touch with us for more info.

Key Things To Look Out For When Conducting A Patent Search

While protecting your intellectual property is an important step to take, you need to be aware of the ins and out of the process from the beginning. This will not only save you time and money, but it will also help you avoid mistakes that could lead to you losing your invention. Before beginning the patent application process, it is crucial that you do a patent search to make sure you are dealing with an original idea. In order to get conclusive results, you need to keep the following in mind:

Understand the process

Most people tend to confuse a patent search with prior art searching. A patent search simply refers to looking for patent documents that could have an implication on your invention and is mostly for your own knowledge. However, a prior art searching extends to non-patent documents and is a requirement when filing for a patent. In order to do a comprehensive patent search in San Francisco, you can use consult the USPTO patent guide.

Outline your goal

Before you begin your patent search, it is important to outline what you plan to achieve. When you are through with the patent search, you should be able to determine the patentability of your invention. Basically, you should be able to tell whether your invention is one of a kind and can pass the patenting examination successfully. If you come across any conflict of interest, an IP attorney Santa Clara should be able to help you.

Seek professional help

There are many tools online that can help you conduct your own patent search. However, if it is your first time doing this, you may feel overwhelmed and might not be as thorough. If you conduct your preliminary search and find favorable results, you can contact a patent lawyer in San Jose to not only confirm your results but to also help you through the patent filing process.

The Top Qualities Of A Great Patent Lawyer

How your patent filing process goes usually depends on you and the people that you have assisting you. You can either have a tiring but fulfilling process or a confused and unsuccessful one. Patenting can be quite expensive depending on your invention. In order for you to enjoy the fruits of your invention, you need to file a useful patent. The only way to do this is by ensuring that you have a fantastic patent attorney in your corner. Thus, the following characteristics can help you pick an attorney with your best interests at heart:


Patents are usually granted on a first come, first served basis. This means that if your idea gets leaked out and another person ends up filing their patent before you, you lose all your hard work. For this reason, the patent lawyer in Cupertino that you choose to work with should be trustworthy. Whatever you discuss should be kept between the two of you. In fact, if they can sign a non-disclosure agreement, the better.

Communication skills

Patenting is a process that can easily take up to 2 years. Thus, you and your attorney will be in each other’s lives for quite a while. In order for it to be successful, you need to ensure that you choose a lawyer with great communication skills. Your patent attorney in Cupertino should be able to keep you up to date with patenting process, effectively keep you up to date with any deadlines and communicate any hiccups with the process.


Patent lawyers are required to have a scientific degree together with their law degree. This is to enable them to understand your invention and determine its merit before beginning the patenting process. Before you work with any patent attorney in San Fran, you need to check whether they have any knowledge in the area of your invention. If they don’t, they might be able to understand what your work is about and this may derail the process.

Top Reasons Why You Should Consult a Patent Lawyer While Filing

While filing a patent is the recommended course of action to take when trying to protect your intellectual property, it is not easy. The process is quite lengthy and can not only be confusing but also tiring for you. Once you start the process, you may be tempted to quit halfway through. However, a patent lawyer can help you navigate through all this in the following ways:


The truth is that you may not have all the information you need in order to file your patent successfully, especially when it comes to the legal issues. A patent lawyer in Pan Alto can give you great advice on the type of patent to get, how long it will take, any non-disclosure agreements that you may need and the appropriate compensation for those who worked on the project with you. Navigating these issues peacefully can speed up your patenting process.


Another advantage of dealing with a patent lawyer is that they have helped others go through the process numerous times before. This means that they are better placed to advise you on which route to take and how to file cheaply. Since they know the process inside out, they will be able to help you keep up with important deadlines and requirements. This will work in your favor as you will only need to submit documents once.

Defending your patent

Most patents tend to be rejected on their first submission with most examiners wanting more information to prove the invention’s legitimacy. Your patent lawyer can be of great help when defending your design patent Palo Alto. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with infringement charges either from you or by a third party. They can help you sort out the problem in a way that protects your property.

Top Tips to Help You Find a Great Patent Law Firm

When you come up with a fantastic invention or make a great discovery, it is important that you start the process of protecting your intellectual property. Filing a patent is the most effective way of doing so. However, for you to go through the process successfully, you need to consult a law firm. They can help you navigate both legal and business matters. When choosing the law firm to represent you, use the following tips:

Consult friends and family

One of the safest means of acquiring a potential lawyer is through referrals. Asking your friends and family about a patent law firm California can reduce the number of applications you have to do. Before your family and friends refer you to somebody, they are likely to have used their services before or heard about their work. Following up on referrals will give you serious candidates to consider and reduce wasted time.

Ask current lawyers

Another great place to look for patent litigation services California is to ask any lawyers you already have. Chances are that their firm may also offer these services in which case, it will make things easier for you. Even if they don’t have such services, they might have an idea of which firm does. Considering they are in the profession, they are better placed to know the best patent lawyers in the game.


Before you agree to work with any law firm, it is important to consider their reputation. This will guide you on whether you are making the right decision or not. If the firm is offering IP technology solutions Cupertino, you should find out what previous clients say about their services. The patent process can be quite draining and thus, it is important to deal with a firm that puts its clients’ needs first.

Important Steps To Consider When Filing Your Patent

When it comes to protecting your invention, design or idea, it is important to patent it. In the United States, patents are granted by the United States Patent Trademark Office (USPTO). Filing a patent is important because it ensures that nobody can get credit for your work and that you get the recognition you deserve for your hard work. However, in order to file a patent successfully, the steps below must be considered and conferred great importance.


It is crucial to do your research before you initiate the patent application process for two reasons. First, you need to ensure that your idea, design or invention has not already been patented. The first rule of patenting is that your idea must be ‘new and useful’. Doing your research will therefore allow you to avoid wasting time if it already exists. Secondly, doing thorough research will also enable you to figure out which patent to apply for. When searching patent filing service Santa Clara, there are three types of patents you can apply for: utility (functional inventions), design and plant.

Filing an application

Once you are assured that your idea is unique and you have figured out the right patent to apply for, you can begin the process of patent application Santa Clara. In order to have a smooth process, get all the information on the application process beforehand. For instance, generate lots of detailed drawings and describe how your invention works as starting points for the attorneys at patentoffice.io, and complete the ADS form with inventor names and addresses, and talk to the experts at www.patentoffice.io.

Response to objections

Once you have submitted your application, you need to be ready to defend your invention. This is because it may be rejected when you file the first time around. Instead of giving up on your patent attorney in San Francisco, consider the opinions objectively. If you can conduct a phone interview with the examiner, the better. It may help speed things along.

Build Your Reputation with Quality IP Protection

The idea of patents has led to the establishment of some global corporations across the globe. Unfortunately, this is the reality in the business world. Many innovators are very creative and talented in generating revolutionary products and ideas. However, they lack the knowledge to monetize their IP. Any intelligent person will take advantage of their ideas to build a successful business. Nobody will bother appreciating or acknowledging them for their effort or idea. Innovators can avoid such a scenario by investing in trademark protection Santa Clara lawyers provide.

PatentOffice.IO is trying to sensitize innovators on the importance of IP protection. That is the only way they can generate an income from their IP. Whether the innovator chooses to sell or partner with a potential investor, we ensure that he/she gets acknowledgment for the registered trademark search San Jose. That is very important because it will enhance his/her credibility in innovation. When people believe an innovator is credible, he/she will get investors quickly. That is due to the success of the innovator’s previous ideas.

Protection of IP rights

If the application for IP protection is rejected, the innovator will lose his/her credibility. Another person will take the credit for their hard work. That explains why PatentOffice.IO is ready to defend its clients with all its might. The success of the customers is our success too. Thus, we have a mutual interest in ensuring the IP is inaccessible to unauthorized persons.

Acknowledgement for IP

As a business, we believe your brand as an innovator is crucial. It will open various lucrative opportunities to advertise other ideas. That is why we demand that any innovator receives credit for his/her creations. That is how our exemplary trademark lawyers near me managed to make several inventors famous. With a decent reputation as an innovator, corporates, investors, and the general public will be interested in all your innovations. Eventually, you will establish various lucrative businesses using those ideas through partnerships.

For more info regarding our legal assistance in IP protection, feel free to reach out to our experts, we can also help you to:

Get Quality IP Protection Services from the Best Lawyers

Every revolutionary idea and product with the potential to succeed in the marketplace is always on demand. People will pay anything to access such IP. They are confident it will create more wealth for them. To secure the innovation, consider filing for patent application. The Patent Act doesn’t require on innovators to seek legal assistance. However, hiring a good patent lawyer in Cupertino is beneficial as the filing process is very complex. Any slight error will leave your innovation exposed. You can avoid that with our help.

PatentOffice.IO is a Santa Clara-based company that provides patent and trademark filing services. Our goal is to spearhead innovations in the region. That will further build the country’s economy. Our services have helped in the creation of successful businesses. That is because we ensure every valuable innovation or product is adequately protected.

Understanding of intellectual property law

Innovators can rely on our extensive understanding of Intellectual Property Law. Our team of experienced IP lawyers has managed various IP filing services. They have also been involved in protecting the patents from infringement. We carry out the filing process with precision. Thus, you can be sure your application will not be rejected. Our patent lawyer in San Jose works alongside the clients, informing them about the process.

Detailed research

We not only file patents on behalf of clients, but we also carry out extensive research before commencing the process. For any innovation to enjoy maximum security from the patent laws, it must be unique. Over the years, we have seen innovators filing IP that is already under the protection of the patent office. We always try to avoid such cases. Therefore, we take time to understand the client’s concept or innovation. After that, we carry out skilled research on other similar inventions. Our patent attorney in San Fran will find a unique way of filing the client's patent to make it different. Our protection will focus on the uniqueness of the innovation. The research is time-consuming and tiring but worthwhile.

For more information about our services, contact us today. @info@patentoffice.io

Get An Accurate Valuation And Protection Of Your IP

The objective of innovations or revolutionary ideas is to generate income for the innovators. Unfortunately, most innovators never gain maximally from their ideas. They lack business acumen, which is critical to making money. Since time immemorial, creative innovators have been exploited by shrewd businesspersons. Unless they learn how to generate wealth with their ideas by filing for trademark application Santa Clara, modern innovators are likely to suffer the same fate. The only safety net for innovators is to get quality IP protection.

PatentOffice.IO, a trademark law firm Santa Clara locals love, has a mission to protect innovators from losses and frustrations. We provide intellectual property protection. With our expert guidance, innovators will get sufficient compensation for any infringement on their IP. We have done this work for several years. Thus, we understand the schemes people use to gain access to protected ideas. We will cover every loophole for you.

Proper Valuation -

We also assist the innovators in addressing the most significant challenge they face, which is IP valuation. There are horrible experiences of innovators selling valuable ideas for peanuts. Such cases occur because inventors lack the skill to value their IP. We use the ip Awareness Assessment tool. This software is perfect for IP portfolio management and the valuation of intellectual property. It was developed through a partnership between the National Institute of Standards and Technology/Manufacturing Extending Partnership (NIST/MEP) and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

IP Awareness -

Armed with this tool, our legal experts will source all the vital information for trademark filing Santa Clara. This software comprises several multiple-choice questionnaires. We will assist the innovator in answering the questions to identify the unique aspects of his/her idea or product. Through this tool, we will know how well the innovator understands his/her product. Based on this tool's valuation, we prevent innovators from selling themselves short.

Our goal is to make sure our clients have a thriving business off their innovation. Hence, any investor interested in the idea must pay the right price. This is why we also help you to

Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage via Our IP Protection Service

Established corporations thrive by holding the market hostage. Any business that threatens their dominance will be destroyed. Economic history reveals how large enterprises will do anything to crush competitive smaller trades. To protect their image, they will carry out their onslaught within the framework of the law. It is apparent that small businesses can’t compete or contend with large enterprises. They have scarce resources that are barely enough to cater to their numerous needs. Despite being weak and disadvantaged, small enterprises can still compete with prominent companies. However, they will need a patent application Santa Clara for their revolutionary idea or innovation.

Defense of IP rights

Innovations provide solutions to daily problems. That makes them a suitable ground for creating a good business. Despite having vast financial resources, larger corporations place ideas in high esteem. They are aware that wealth comes from ideas. They will seek ways to own great ideas. To frustrate their efforts, you will need a reliable patent attorney in Santa Clara. PatentOffice.IO has always been at the forefront assisting small businesses and innovators to protect their IP. We are always prepared to defend the IP despite the cost. That is because we know the survival of our client’s business depends on it.

Dealing With Infringers Severely -

After filing for IP protection, our lawyers will always be on the lookout to protect it. Any infringer will pay dearly for it. Our onslaught against IP infringers is an alternative revenue stream for the clients too. With our consistent vigilance and IP protection, established companies will need a legal way to use the idea. Your only weapon against the precarious business competition is the IP. Hence, our lawyers will prioritize protecting it.

Essential Partnerships -

IP rights can also secure a very strong partnership for small businesses. That will give it access to financial and human resources. Eventually, the small enterprise will have the capacity to compete with established companies. You can rely on our patent attorney in Cupertino to find effective ways of giving your business an unbeatable advantage using IP rights.

Contact us today for more information. @info@patentoffice.io

Start A Successful Business With Our Ip Protection Strategies

Many inventors have brilliant ideas but no resources to execute them. That has deprived the world of solutions to several problems. The innovators also suffer due to failure in monetizing their ideas. That is likely to frustrate innovators if they do not know how to take advantage of IP protection. Most innovators have given up on their creations and sought alternative ways to earn a living.

PatentOffice.IO is aware of the challenges faced by inventors in every sector. Established businesses constantly strive to exert their dominance on small businesses. However, they are wise enough to know ideas rule the world. Most innovators and small-scale traders have complained about the theft of ideas or innovations. Minus IP protection and trademark licensing in Santa Clara, they cannot enjoy royalties.

Attract investors -

We are a patent law firm California with a plan to assist innovators in overcoming their challenges. We use the law to benefit creators and innovators. By adequately protecting intellectual property, it will be difficult for anyone to use it. They will have to cut a deal with the inventor. Through this strategy, our customers will get investors that will execute their ideas.

Access to resources -

Investors are interested in the success of the idea too. Thus, they will provide access to connections, distribution channels, and advertising. That will assist in growing the innovator's business at a fast rate. Before investors decide to give such offers to inventors, they will always look for ways to bypass IP protection. If it has any loopholes, they will gladly exploit it. Our goal is to make sure that doesn’t happen. We are interested in creating a business for the inventor.

Through this impressive strategy, our patent lawyer in San Fran managed to create several successful inventor-entrepreneurs. We have also helped some sell their inventions at very high prices. They can invest in other innovations to generate more cash. With our legal assistance, you will gain maximally from each intellectual property.

Our team of IP Attorneys has a high level of technical and legal competence. This gives us the right competitive edge and positioning. As experienced professionals focused on creating immense IP value for our clients, we give a rare synergy of legal opinion, out-of-box thinking for protection of ideas/IP's and entrepreneurial spirits to our client base. We earnestly believe that success comes only when one has a long-term perspective and this is why we concentrate on building long-term relationships through a high level of client orientation.

The range of our work is not limited to trademarks and patents. We also cover the entire gamut intellectual property rights. Our entire team of patent and trademark attorneys works together so you can rest assured that your legal affairs are in a safe pair of hands. Our focus is on practical and quality solutions, with an individual approach and good communication.

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